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Ruzbeh N Bharucha
Author . Documentary Filmmaker . Journalist

Ruzbeh N Bharucha's The Ramblings of the 110th is a powerful collection of articles that have transformed and enhanced the lives of thousands of readers all over the world.

Already in its seventh edition, The Fakir was on the top of the best seller list in December 2007.

Shadows In Cages was published and released for the International market by the Himalayan Institute Press, Pennsylvania, USA.

I Believe I Can Fly has been screened in Singapore, Sri Lanka, India and in the US.

Yamuna Gently Weeps was screened at various International Human Rights Film Festivals and Universities worldwide.

Wings of Freedom, sponsored by the United Nations, was selected and screened for The XVII International AIDS Conference, in Mexico.

Why do we fear failure?

The Physical, Astral &
Casual Body

Clearing Karmic Debt &
Importance of Prayer

Dealing with Bereavement
of a Loved One

Cleansing problems of
Previous Lifetimes

The Importance of Silence

Forgiveness - Easier said
than done

Do I need to Meditate?

How do we overcome
negative thoughts?

The Art of Listening
to Your Masters

Priorities in Life &
The Journey of the Soul

The Quest for a Master

Karma & Perspective

Interview on Doordarshan
New Delhi

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Bharucha is also the 110th Master, for The Times of India's spiritual publication The Speaking Tree.

Read Ruzbeh N Bharucha's blogs on www.thespeakingtree.in under the section "Follow Masters"

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My Sai . . . My Sigh

From the author of the bestselling The Fakir trilogy, a book on faith, hope, surrender and Sai Baba of Shirdi... Read more


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In this spectacular new book the author brings out the essence of the wisdom and the philosophy contained in The Fakir Trilogy. Read more

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