Deceased Dreams
Tanvi Salkar
September 11, 2008

Ruzbeh Bharucha, in his book My God is a Juvenile Delinquent, brings forth the plight of the teenagers in the observation homes nationwide.

An agonizing sentiment seals the hopes, as one reads through My God is a Juvenile delinquent. The book authored by the city-based Ruzbeh Bharucha, focuses on the emotional, physical and psychological life of the juvenile delinquents. It renders out the facts in the observation homes across the country.

"The journey for the last one and a half year with the children who are mostly migrants has been depressing. So much that I fell ill several times and thought of discontinuing the study. It is the hostility and the complete despair that I have examined in the observation homes. There are more than 30 000 children who are juvenile delinquents in India. The children might have committed a petty crime in the past but many a times the judicial custody of 14 days is extended given the workload on judiciary. The principal magistrates are overloaded with work and the children are ignored. Even if they are set free the cops slap false records against them for professional elevations and the vulnerable children are sent back to the observation homes. It is very unfortunate that no one has ever attempted to bring this issue to light," adds Bharucha who feels that the system is harbouring an environment where reform is not talking place and this can nurture criminal tendencies in a big way.

"The appalling experiences have hardened the teenagers so much that they now are provoked to indulge into anti-social activities in vengeance," adds the author.

Bharucha has written books as well as directed documentaries that have portrayed issues dealing with the life of women and their children in the prisons, AIDS and HIV in Tihar jail, as well as paranormal and spiritual forces in the cosmos. "Paranormal life is what I like to write and indulge in but noting these socially grave issues is my responsibility," says Bharucha whose book Fakir has been on the top bestseller list last year.

“I am presently working on a script and also planning to make a film on my first fiction Rest In Pieces,” says Bharucha who is also the executive editor of the newly launched The 4th D Wellbeing Journal.




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