The Journey Continues for this Fakir
Shree Lahiri
December 23, 2010. Pune

Spiritual writer Ruzbeh Bharucha deals with karma, divinity, life after death, forgiveness in his books.

RELAXED, chilled out, friendly and approachable. That's Ruzbeh Bharucha for you.

Sitting at a restaurant in Koregaon Park, he chooses his words carefully, while answering each question. Pearls of wisdom were spilling out of his mouth as well as it was from his pen. His latest The Fakir - The Journey Continues, was recently launched in the city.

Bharucha's journey into the world of writing started when he felt he had reached a dead end, but it was actually the starting point of the spiritual journey of his life. He had spent time as a journalist, which was a different kind of writing. His stories are told with humor, as he weaves in and out of the protagonists lives.

THE INNER CALLING: Ruzbeh Bharucha's books delve deep into the spiritual world.

And if one thought the world of fakirs was a strange world for him to delve into, think again. By no means is he a reluctant messiah. “Not really, for during my childhood I was taken to fakirs by my parents and grandparents too. I was six or seven years old then, and was a restless, naughty child, he says with a smile. “In our house we had a mandir… I am a Zoroastrian. My grand mom was a psychic.”And now he constantly looks to Sai Baba of Shirdi for guidance and he refers to him often as he speaks. Whether there is a destiny working for him, he says, “I assume it was destined. It literally put my nose to the ground, when I took up the offer to write a book so, I would consider it destiny.” On his first book, The Fakir Bharucha says, “The first book is more of an initiation... love for the master and living in the moment.” The sequel to The Fakir, is The Fakir – The Journey Continues. It is the story of the all- knowing fakir, who guides Rudra in every step of the way.

Bharucha explains: “The fakir, shows you not only how to live, but also how to die.” The Fakir, launched in October 2007, is a spiritual odyssey to the inner self. It explores complex issues like karma, divinity, life after death, prayer, faith, forgiveness and energy in an easy and accessible way. It has been translated into German, Hindi and Marathi and its French edition is awaiting publication in early 2011.

He has a number of books and documentary films to his credit. “I wrote The Last Marathon, which was the last journey of the soul to reach God. Yes, it is semi- autobiographical.

It traces my journey.

It is my reality. A lot of people find it their reality too.” Having worked extensively with those in Tihar jail and the slums of Yamuna, he has observed their plight in detail.

“There's more spirituality in them than anyone else.” The family man that Bharucha is, his favourite hobby is to spend time with his three- year- old daughter. A book that left a lasting impression on him was The Autobiography of a Yogi.

His ambition is to build a home for old people and abandoned children.

“My full time ambition is to make my master proud of me,” he says with a smile, “But I am messing up every day.”

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