Literally Inclined
Priyanka Naithani
February 7, 2011

Writer Ruzbeh Bharucha is back with the second volume of his book titled The Fakir...The Journey Continues, which focuses on the power of free will.

He has always been creatively inclined - be it writing, music, filmmaking or theatre. For Ruzbeh Bharucha, who is back with the second volume of his book, The Fakir...The Journey Continues, art is an expression of the soul. The book which focuses on the power of free will.

Through his books and films, he has dealt with subjects such as life of women prisoners and their children, juvenile delinquents and slum demolition. Bharucha says his only intention is to make the readers proactive and encourage them to help the less fortunate.

But when Bharucha wrote The Fakir, he explored a new territory that dealt with spirituality and introspection. It focused on the power of faith, prayers and meditation, being centred, giving life one's best and leaving the rest to one's master. His new work revolves around the ideology that one not only creates one's hell and paradise on earth using free will, but also determines one's state of well-being even in the world beyond.

"We are the fusion of past karmas, inherent tendencies, conditioning and our own free will. When we pass over, we take this immense baggage to the world of spirits and determine our state of evolution and our next excursion in the physical dimension. The fact that both the books have been so well received in India and abroad is a validation that there is a huge audience that thinks beyond the mundane and the material," says Bharucha.

When asked about his own choice in books, the writer says, "Mostly, I read fiction, be it PG Wodehouse, Jack Higgins, Rex Stout, Jeffery Archer, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, Colin Dexter."

Bharucha feels that no matter what your subject is, it is important to make it interesting for the readers. "Even in my most serious works, I have somehow managed to add humor and emotions. Be honest with your writings skills and it's not necessary to get your work published to be known as an author. The day you begin the journey of writing, you become an author. Keep that faith alive in you forever," says the writer with a smile.

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