"A spiritual treat in the form of a book, Not just for Sai devotees but for everyone"
By Surbhi - February, 2015


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Bharucha has yet again written a heart warming book which compels to tell the truth and the importance of faith, belief and acceptance of life, he is a master of this genre and the way he has sewn the words around the life of Sai Baba is impeccable.

‘Rabda – My Sai… My Sigh’ a book embedded with the spirituality and serenity of Sai Baba. This book ‘Rabda’ takes you to the voyage of Sai Baba’s life in a very different context. It is a story about a Musician who made spirituality look cool and the mystical world of divinity being defined by the music to the world. The book takes you to the journey in which Sai Baba transcends into the world of Rabda and materializes. Sai Baba explains the true meaning of life to Rabda by taking him on the journey of sacred truth – the truth when Sai existed in his physical form.

This book also gives you an insight to the life of Sai Baba with a different perception. Sai Baba was a man after all, he dealt with the everyday issues, he got frustrated as well and irritated. Still, he was able to take hold of all the problems his devotees were facing. But, somehow he got lost on the verge where he can find a true gem (true devotee).

The end is not what we were expecting, but it definitely defines the humanity in today’s scenario.

This is a not only a book that endorses the spirituality, but also an inspirational novel.

Copyright 2014 Ruzbeh N. Bharucha.