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Dada JP Vaswani launches Bharucha's book
04 September 2016


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UNVEILED: Author Ruzbeh Bharucha (L) with his daughter
Meher and Dada JP Vaswani at the book launch ceremony held
recently at Sadhu Vaswani Mission.

Dada JP Vaswani and Ruzbeh Bharucha recently launched Bharucha's book 'Conversation with Dada Vaswani- A Perfect Disciple, A Reluctant Master' at Sadhu Vaswani Mission Pune.

The book is published by Penguin India. The book comprises of Dada Vaswani's innermost thoughts and ideals pinched with his trademark sense of humor filled with laughter and joy along with ancient truths and wisdom of life. The topics covered are from the power of prayer to how to live in the world and not to be imprisoned by circumstances; from true surrender to the role of the Guru and the disciple; from the concept of karma and free will to life after death and positive acceptance.

Ruzbeh Bharucha is one of the most influential spiritual writers. The author is acclaimed for his 'Fakir' trilogy and has published fourteen books under his name along with few documentary films; Yamuna Gently Weeps, I Believe I Can Fly and Sehat Wings Of Freedom which were screened at the Asian Film Festival Pune.

Ruzbeh said, "I interviewed Dada over a period of a few months. I had a great time talking to him. Dada and I shared a lot of laughs. He is one of the wittiest and humorous people whom I have met and I am a Zoroastrian, trust me, I have met my share of humorous and witty folks in my life and Dada stands tall even here.”

Dada JP Vaswani, is known as the life guide master and also is one of the most loved spiritual luminaries. He is scientist by training, a visionary and a widely read scholar. Vaswani has penned 150 books of multiple editions in 17 world languages.

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