When the Gurus speak, it is pure wisdom
Conversations with Dada Vaswani : A Perfect Disciple, A Reluctant Master
IANS November 28, 2016


Author of the best selling Fakir trilogy, Ruzbeh N. Bharucha, transports Dada Vaswani, a guru to millions, into every reader's heart, as only Ruzbeh can with his characteristic mix of spirituality and humour. This is a book of 288 wisdom-filled pages, one you can read over and over again.

Over several sessions with the author, Vaswani, who turned 98 in August 2016, opens his heart on several issues related to spirituality, ranging from karma and ideal lifestyle to guru-disciple relationship, from meditation and mind control to prayers and from divine grace to envy and gratitude.

A disciple of the revered Sadhu Vaswani, Dada Vaswani tells Ruzbeh that spirituality is about cultivating awareness and an attitude to life. It is essentially a quest for self-discovery. Envy is an offence against God because it shows we are ungrateful for His many gifts while we pine for what we don't have.

Dada Vaswani doesn't say anything that is dramatically revolutionary or which others haven't spoken about. But it is his style of explaining some of the most complicated areas of spirituality in layman's language that makes this a compelling read.

The book helps one understand the difference between the gurus who are embodiments of divinity and those whom one can see on Page 3. One may seek out a guru for guidance and he may even show the path but the devotee will have to move on his own steam. And none except the guru can come between karma and an individual. Guru Kripa or grace, in other words, is the amazing protection the guru offers to his disciples.

Ruzbeh has never disappointed spiritual-minded readers. This book falls in the same category.

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