To Sai Baba of Shirdi,

all the Perfect Masters

and The Universal Mother

- Ruzbeh N. Bharucha

The One who makes the thunder roar,

also hears a butterfly sigh.


BABA's quotes
from the book

A hippie with an inclination for suicide, a fakir with a quaint sense of humour, a journey that might change your life forever...

The Fakir, is a breathtaking spiritual odyssey to your inner self, where God and Master dwell. Experience the joy of being alive, learn the simple yet life altering philosophy of compassion towards all, and heal yourself by taking that first step towards CHANGE.

A fascinating story that explores complex issues in a simple, very easy-to-understand, accessible way - karma, divine action, life after death, spirit communication, the power of prayer, faith and forgiveness, energy and healing; the search for God in goodness and most importantly being constantly attuned with your Master.

The Fakir, shows you not only how to live... but also how to die.

The Fakir is a strange book. It talks about the importance of being in the state 0, nothingness and yet, talking about "nothing', it still has climbed up, in its very first moth of publication, to the fourth position, in the Top Ten Indian best seller list.

And what is this state of nothingness?

It is the zone, where you are completely immersed in the moment. Where the finished past, the ever evolving present and the expectant future, have no place. Being in the moment is like being in the state of nothingness and the Sages, Yogis, Sufis, Saints, Prophets, Avatars and the Gurus, all have maintained, that God, is in the moment.

Being in the moment means being in the current of life and it is in this current of life that the energy of God flows. Perfect health means being in the perfect harmony.

The energy of God brings about the perfect harmony in life and it shields the aura that envelopes, each human being, protecting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Just like the Ozone layer, in the upper reaches of our atmosphere that encompasses the earth, protects our habitat, and allows life to thrive. As important the Ozone layer is to our planet, so is the state of being in the moment, to our individual world, as it keeps the aura healthy and glowing."

The Fakir believes that each individual is a spark of the eternal flame, that we call God.

The Ozone group believes that 'Life is precious'

Both believe in living harmony... with oneself, those around us, and mother earth.

Welcome to the world of Ozone.

The Fakir awaits you.

S.C. Sehgal
CMD Ozone Group.

Copyright 2010 Ruzbeh N. Bharucha.